Sutter Press welcomes new contributors. Check it out – I even managed to do a post there (thank you, Jack!)

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Sutter Press

GravatarImagine how excited I was to receive Jack Sutter’s invitation to participate on Sutter’s Press!

Just the thought that someone other than a family member (or those 2 readers chained in my basement) would be interested in my writing had my heart all a-twitter.

Of course, I accepted the invitation.  I mean Sutter’s Press has way more followers than Cordelia’s Mom, Still (yes, yes, I know that’s hard to believe), and I can use all the exposure I can get.

Jack Sutter is a brave man. He doesn’t just offer guest post slots to other bloggers like the rest of us do – he actually gives other bloggers access to this blog.  Whoa – I can even check this blog’s stats!  Which, of course, can be a little depressing if they happen to be better than mine on any given day.

Anyway …

In preparation for my new…

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