NOT a 4-WAY POST (Yet)

It has become a free-for-all! Jump on in, folks – the water’s fine.

Not Cordelia's Mom

Cody080314Mehitabel2Vlad1Peacekeeping Bears

 Just WTF is going on here?

When I heard CookieCakes was planning to do major household renovations, I decided to make myself scarce.  Who needs all that dust and noise?  There are plenty of places in the world one can find a peaceful environment if one has the money.  Which, of course, I do (and CookieCakes doesn’t, which is why she’s stuck in an 8×10 foot room with the dog and non-cable [shudder] TV).

Anyway, I decide to shuffle on back to Buffalo for a bit, and what do I find?  CookieCakes has managed to lure 3 other bloggers into her idiocy with a 4-way blog post!  Are you people nuts?  Dogs, cats, teddy bears,  vampire bears?  Oh, my.

And now I see that there’s a blogger in Australia who wishes to join the fray?

TeddyRoseCome on, people.  Cordelia’s Mom, Still is not that…

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1 Response to NOT a 4-WAY POST (Yet)

  1. lbeth1950 says:

    Poor mistreated puppy-baby!


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