Free Advice — Damn copycat or thanks for the flattery!

I’m not sure this went exactly the way I hoped, but Mark Bialczak is right on with his “advice” – I’m not sure whether to laugh it off or drive to Syracuse to confront him. (Oh, oh, I think Not CM is in my head today!) Anyway – ENJOY!

Mark Bialczak

Free Advice is a periodic feature in which I answer letters sent to me at This question comes directly from BloggyVille, and it has the blog’s name attached.

In fact, the question hits close to home because it’s about somebody stealingswipingborrowingcopying recently starting a format that greatly resonates with a fellow blogger as exactlymostlysomewhat perhaps similar to a monthly feature she already uses at her own house.

(From Cordelia's Mom's Blog) (From Cordelia’s Mom’s Blog)

Dear Mark,

Here’s one you could maybe run with … Today, another (newer) blogger published a post in which she announced she is starting a monthly spam series. She even used the same photo I’ve used in one of my previous Spam-Bam posts (no issue there, it’s creative commons licensing).

So, here’s the question: Should I be flattered that I have finally “arrived” to the point where other bloggers are now imitating me?…

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7 Responses to Free Advice — Damn copycat or thanks for the flattery!

  1. Paul says:

    Imitation is the highest form of flattery

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  2. Dan Antion says:

    I’m OK with copying the concept, but they should be able to find their own image. I once needed an image of a can of spam so I just took my camera to Stop & Shop – they have hundreds of cans of Spam.

    I admit, I was inspired by several “if we were having coffee” posts when I started “if we were having a beer” but I think I changed it up enough. Other people can have a beer, but they shouldn’t use my “for the love of beer” photo – just sayin.


    • Since so many of us use for images that we can’t create ourselves, it’s not unexpected that two bloggers could wind up using the same image. Now, if someone picks up one of my own images without crediting me, I might have a problem with that. It wouldn’t be easy to do, however, since I add the CM name to all my public images.

      I did wonder if your “having beer” posts were patterned after the “having coffee” posts. I briefly considered staring up a “having wine” series, but I’m overwhelmed as it is.

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  3. Actually I did a whole series like this almost two years ago. It didn’t generate much interest, so I dropped it. It’s an idea almost everyone tries at least once. I tried it half a dozen times and it got a totally ho-hum response. May you have better luck.

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