Show of Hands

This is in response to Marilyn Armstrong’s Serendipity Photo Prompt #7 – Hands on her blog, Serendipity.

The subject, of course, is hands (duh!).  Which immediately reminds me of one of the very first photos I took with my new camera:


Isn’t that just awesome? And believe, it wasn’t as easy to get this shot as you might think.

Right now, you’re all saying to yourselves:  “OMG, what incredible talent!  I need to hire CookieCakes to do the photography for MY blog!”

But just in case you find a single finger to be insufficient, let me share the following photo, with a little back story:

When my husband and I got engaged, he gave me a very sweet 1/4 carat diamond in a white gold setting.  Over the years, both the engagement ring and the accompanying wedding ring became snugger and snugger, to the point where I finally had to have them cut off my finger.

I went wedding-ring-less for a year or so, but kept dropping hints that I would love a ring incorporating my birthstone (a diamond) with my husband’s birthstone (a ruby).  Sometimes (not often), husbands actually listen – for Christmas, I received this:


It’s not a great picture – there are diamonds between the rubies all the way across.

Which is much better than how my mother fared.  She never had an engagement ring, and for years would drop hints to my father that she would like a “fancier wedding ring” – she dreamed no higher than a band with a few diamond chips because she knew there wasn’t much money for jewelry.  Finally, my father presented her with a ring box, and I watched as she excitedly opened it to find:

A plain gold band with slightly beveled edges, but no diamonds. Not much different than what she already wore – it was just newer.

My poor mother never did get her diamond ring.


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Images by:   Cordelia’s Mom

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12 Responses to Show of Hands

  1. My mother made her own diamond ring from a diamond left to her by her mother. I can see the diamonds between the rubies quite well and it is a beautiful band. Garry got me a new wedding band cum diamond for our 13th anniversary. It got a bit tight, so I stopped wearing it, but I may have it slightly resized. it doesn’t need much, maybe a quarter of a size looser. You reminded me how much I like that ring and how I used to wear it all the time.

    Thank you for this great story. It reminded me of me, my mother, my ring, my hands. That’s a lot of evocation from a single post 🙂 Thank you thank you!!


    • If I ever have extra cash, I’d like to take the original wedding set and have it remade into one ring to complement the new ring. That really would be awesome!

      (I’m glad I made you feel good.)


  2. candygai says:

    After being, stupidly on my part, to a man who truly thought I should pay for my own engagement ring for nearly 25 years, my heart breaks for your mother and sings with joy for you. His theory was that because, after all I was going to be the one to wear it, he thought I should pay for it. Additionally he thought I should pick up the expense for my wedding band and his, as he was only wearing a ring to please me. So to win my heart, the next man will need to woe me, not with expensive jewelry, but effort, creativuty, thoughtfulness and concern. Because I am precious, valuable and worthy of the best. If he doesn’t see it, and see it soon, he is gone. I will never be neglected again. I will not again be a second class sort of girl. So please you got your lovely piece. very moving.


  3. lbeth1950 says:

    Your ring is lovely with its rubies and diamonds. I didn’t get an engagement ring till my 41 anniversary. We could only afford bands when we got married.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Paul says:

    Awesome CM.


  5. The ring is really pretty and I wish your mother had one. Enjoyed reading this post 🙂


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