Christmas Songs Shouldn’t Make You Cry


I’m not a Christmas-y kind of person, so I seldom listen to the traditional holiday songs.

However, I do love Trans-Siberian Orchestra, especially their Christmas CD, Christmas Eve and Other Stories.

The first time I listened to the CD, I thought it was about a young husband and wife who had a fight, which resulted in her leaving.  He prays that she be kept safe and free from harm, and that she will find her way home.

Sure, I thought – if you weren’t such a jerk, maybe she wouldn’t have left to begin with.  You deserve to spend Christmas alone.  Make your own f*g dinner.  Ho Ho Ho.

But just about this time last year, I was driving home from work, playing the CD.  In the middle of the man’s prayer, it suddenly occurred to me – maybe it’s a dad whose teenage daughter ran away from home.  Oh no!  What if one of my girls had left home right before Christmas because we argued (and God knows it could easily have happened) – how would I feel not knowing where she was and whether she was safe?

Since that day, every time I play that CD, it makes me cry.  Twice.  Once when the father is praying for his daughter’s safety, and again when he learns that she is on her way home.

PulledOverReally, I should just stop listening to the darn thing.  What would I say to the cop who pulls me over because I went through a red light that I couldn’t see through the tears?  Unless he’s a dad himself, my explanation probably won’t win him over.

As I write this very short post, I thank heavens that all of my girls are grown and live within a couple of miles of me.  We will all be getting together on Christmas Day.

My heart goes out to anyone whose loved ones are far away during this very special season.  May your stories have as happy an ending as the one in Christmas Eve and Other Stories.


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Images by: Trans-Siberian Orchestra via and Casey Kelley, respectively

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12 Responses to Christmas Songs Shouldn’t Make You Cry

  1. Karen J says:

    Oh, Christmas songs *always* make me cry, CM – some just because they’re beautiful, some because the story or the sentiment hits a tender spot. (some spots are way more tender than others…)
    Happy to hear you found a more graceful(?) way to hear TSO – they’re definitely on my sniffly list, too. 😉


  2. Doobster418 says:

    I’m not “big” into Christmas music, but I did see a live concert of the Trans Siberian Orchestra a few years ago and it was great. Very talented musicians.


  3. Paul says:

    Love TSO. I’ve never seen them live but would like to. They come here to Ottawa occassionally. I honestly don’t know the words, just love the orchestra and music. Hey CM, I didn’t know you had all daughters – how many?


  4. Three. You joined me too recently to have read some of my earlier “family” stories. You might enjoy my very first Christmas story (which actually was on Cordelia’s blog instead of mine):


  5. June says:

    Beautiful story, CM. Music is quite magical and special in that way. You’ve piqued my musical curiosity now – I’m going to be checking out Trans-Siberian Orchestra right after I post this (shamefacedly, I’ve never heard of them till just now).

    But, truth be told, I think I’ve always been moved to tears by quite a few Christmas songs. Not all of them, mind you. But definitely a few can always bring it on. Starting when I was a little kid, with ‘Little Drummer Boy’ and ‘Silent Night’ (which happened again while I was in the supermarket shopping for mince pies, and then it came on the in-store tape loop, and the lump in the throat started, and down came the salty water droplets), to the Carpenters’ ‘Merry Christmas Darling’ to ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.’

    The one that never fails to make me weep, though – no matter how jovial a mood I’d been in prior to hearing one particular line of the lyrics – is the wonderful Chris Rea’s ‘Driving Home For Christmas.’ I can just about get through the entire song unscathed (by tears, I mean), but when he sings the line ‘so I sing for you…though you can’t hear me…’ that just turns me into a weeping mess, every single time. I think of all those I’ve loved in my life, who I’ve lost along the way…it’s such a beautiful song, and definitely meant to be more cheerful than somber, but it’s just that one line…

    Thanks for sharing this, CM. And thanks for this blog. I’m glad I ‘found’ it – via Paul Curran’s guest post, via Jean’s wonderful Social Bridge blog. Ain’t the interwebs amazing? 🙂


    • Hmm, I don’t recall ever hearing ‘Driving Home for Christmas” – I’ll have to look that one up and listen to it (but not while I’m driving!).

      Paul Curran, bless his heart, has been a wonderful boost to my blog. I’m very happy to have him with me, and hope he continues to guest post on a regular basis.


      • June says:

        Here’s one of the many YouTube versions of the song, CM.

        While there are a lot that have winter montages and driving scenes, I found one of Chris himself singing it. I don’t think I’d be brave enough to listen to that song – and that one line – while I was driving…even though I know what’s coming…or possibly *because* I do know what lyrics are coming up, it’s best (for me) not to listen. Or, at least, *try* not to listen. But it’s happened more times than I care to admit to…it gets me every time.

        I can remember being at a craft fair about six years ago (that I had a booth at and was selling at and it was quite busy that day) and the song came on via the Christmas-themed tape loop. I knew what was coming, lyrics-wise, I mean, but I couldn’t just leave my table…I tried not to listen…I tried to distract myself and make pleasant chat with potential customers…but it was no use…I heard the lyric, and the memories and the sadness overwhelmed my best efforts to remain cool, calm and collected.

        It’s truly a beautiful Christmas song…very gentle, and not in any way overly syrupy or ‘try hard,’ but the sentiments are so beautifully and simply expressed…and that voice of his…ohhhhh…that voice.


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