The Grumpy Alter-Ego vs. Christmas Joy


Please check out the mirror blog.  Apparently Not Cordelia’s Mom has some serious issues with this holiday season, especially with the fact that my grown children have [finally] agreed to let me host at least one meal at my house:


HO-HO-NOT (or, The Christmas That Won’t Be If I Have Anything To Do With It) – by Not Cordelia’s Mom


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Images by:  Gale

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8 Responses to The Grumpy Alter-Ego vs. Christmas Joy

  1. cgw629 says:

    Reblogged this on cgw629 and commented:
    I love both.


  2. Archon's Den says:

    I see you found a picture of my cat. 😦


  3. Karen J says:

    Hey, CookieCakes – does NCM have any relatives who live in *my* house (head)?

    I hear a Voice very much like hers, like, allatime! And yaknow, she makes me cry and waves her magic shillelagh and turns me into a completely non-functional puddle of whimpering goo (the b****)!

    Hugs and Bright Holiday Blessings to you all ~


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