How the Star Wars Teaser Saved My Shoes

This is such a great post on becoming an [alleged] adult. Personally, I’ve had an urge recently to buy myself a coloring book and crayons – maybe I could pull them out of my briefcase during those long, boring real estate closings.

Trent Lewin

On Friday November 28th, the teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens was released ( In the long tradition of celebrating Kardashian posterior, I’m pretty sure it blew up the internet.

I found myself walking through downtown Toronto on the day-of, skirting skyscrapers and bagel shops, street meat vendors and cyclists. I was wearing a suit. Carrying a briefcase that held my laptop. I picked up a moccachino, and mostly thought about what the street salt was doing to my dress shoes. It really bothered me, that salt stain. I even considered ducking into one of the under-street malls that line downtown Toronto and buying a new pair.

Going into the office tower, there was no sign that anyone cared about something as measly as a movie trailer. But I like caffeine, need it, and when I stopped for another coffee, a teenager…

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