Survivor’s Guilt

This is the very first post from a brand new blogger, and what an incredible post it is! Please welcome Ollie’s Mommy (mother of Oliver C. Damon of Chronicle of a Wayward Son) to the blogging community.

The Life of a Non-Wife

Coming Clean

It weighs a ton It weighs a ton

I have such mixed emotions concerning the death of my husband of nearly 45 years. So far, I haven’t found anyone who I feel shares my feelings. At first, I went to “grief share” sessions hosted by my church right after he died but I was so frustrated that I stopped going. I felt that I was alone in the way I was feeling and nobody there felt like I did…or at least they weren’t being honest about it if they did.

Overwhelmed by the Two G’s

Nobody can fix this feeling Nobody can fix this feeling

So how was I feeling (and still feeling for that matter)? I feel the two “G”s…grief and guilt. Naturally, I feel grief for my loss ( I had lost a man that I had deeply loved for 45 years).  But I also feel guilt because I’m relived that I am finally…

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2 Responses to Survivor’s Guilt

  1. Karen J says:

    Thank you…
    This one is liable to be a tough read, and cathartic at the same time.


    • I agree. I’ve heard other women whisper the same feelings after the deaths of their spouses. Why is it such a stigma to want to go on with your life after the happy one you’ve had with a spouse has ended?


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