And the Duel Is On!

Cat vs DogNow that the cat’s out of the bag, anyone who wishes to watch the ongoing duel between Not Cordelia’s Mom and Cordelia’s  Mom needs to sign up to follow both posts.  Cordelia’s Mom does not intend to reblog every Not CM post, and vice versa.  Visit Not Cordelia’s Mom to follow that site (just click on the link in this sentence).

The most recent activity must have scared the hell out of Not CM, however, because she has now added a disclaimer page to the mirror blog.  Check it out.

Let the sparring begin!

(And thank you, again, Oliver C. Damon, for giving me the platform to “out” myself.  Not CM is way to self-centered to have ever admitted she isn’t real, and Cordelia’s Mom was too embarrassed to do so on her own blog after the unexpected responses she received.)


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Image by Asaf Antman

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10 Responses to And the Duel Is On!

  1. Doobster418 says:

    Hmm. Maybe I’ll start an alternative blog called “Not Doobster.” Or perhaps “Mindless Digressions.”


  2. X-rated pandas? Nah, and the panda kindergarten is already alter-ego enough for one panda.


  3. Paul says:

    Go CM Go!


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