Is Hate Traffic Better Than No Traffic?

KhanEnough is enough.

I recently discovered a new blogger on WordPress who apparently has major issues with sweet, old Cordelia’s Mom.  I intended to simply follow Not Cordelia’s Mom (yeah, you read that right) for awhile and let her hang herself, so to speak.

But Not Cordelia’s Mom has now taken shots at my post “Fifty Years Later.”  Judging from the comments, that post touched a lot of heart-strings among my readers.

Not Cordelia’s Mom just published her own post, entitled “So Just Marry Rich,” which takes umbrage with “Fifty Years Later.”

Now I’m pissed. 

I wasn’t thrilled that Not Cordelia’s Mom stole my header design and some of the language on my home page, but I was willing to let it slide since there’s really no way to prevent something like that from happening, and attempting to go after someone for copyright infringement would be expensive, stressful, and possibly unsuccessful.

I didn’t mind when Not Cordelia’s Mom targeted my Spam-Bam Thank You Ma’am series.  After all, that’s a silly feature that lends itself to snarkiness from all sides.

But, to malign my serious post about my own childhood is just too much for me.

Magic 8 BallI’m not sure at this point how to handle the situation.  On one hand, having a detractor would seem to indicate that I have finally “arrived” as a blogger.  On the other hand, I’m not sure just how far I should let Not Cordelia’s Mom go in her rants against me.

The situation is complicated by the fact that I have a sneaking suspicion as to who Not Cordelia’s Mom really is, and I’m having a hard time understanding why, after all this time, she still hates me so.  I find it a little frightening that someone could harbor such vehemence for such a long time.

Anyone want to advise me on this?  Check out Not Cordelia’s Mom’s blog and let me know what you think I should do, if anything.


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34 Responses to Is Hate Traffic Better Than No Traffic?

  1. Paul says:

    Hmm, thanks CM. I popped over to the non-CM site and left the following message:

    “Hmm, you seem to have some deep issues there. CM actually directed us over to view your website, so I guess you don’t scare her much. It’s pretty apparent that having money has not made you happy – you’re dredging up old issues that happened decades ago. You know, I’ve been through cancer, kidney failure, harrowing life experiences and from my point of view you debase yourself with your petty jealousies. Time for some real challenges in your life – go out and do something useful, because this certainly isn’t. I’m sure you’ll respond to this comment with hatred or by editing it. I’m going to copy it over to CM’s blog so we can see how you change it. The person you really hurt when you hate is yourself, so let it go and you’ll be much happier. Have a nice day! 😀 ”

    Hang in there CM – in time this too shall pass.


  2. Wow. The conventional wisdom is to just not engage. This person is targeting you directly and none of the people who follow you will take what she says seriously in the least. It does make one realize how vulnerable we are out here on the internet.
    You are right about the cost and unadvisability over suing for copyright issues. Can you report her site to WordPress? I don’t know if they would do anything. You probably can’t make her any madder than she already is.
    I wouldn’t contact her directly. she is trying to rile you up, and she sounds a little scary. I didn’t even want to comment on her blog, at the risk of her getting my contact info.
    Maybe it’s true that there is no such thing as bad publicity.
    Maybe this will make you a star (or at least give you your 15 minutes of fame…or being a panda) and wouldn’t THAT piss her off?
    It also reminds me that just because someone grew up with a “nice life” it did not make her happy.
    You are better than this. Don’t forget it.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Maybe if her “fun” mom actually told her “NO” once in a while and was around to raise her properly, she would have not turned out to be a bitch who has too much time on her hands to write to hurt other people… I personally knew Cordeliasmom’s mother, and she was a wonderful mom, who had the experience of living through the Great Depression and focused on raising her children. Family is more important than money.
    a few seconds ago


  4. Doobster418 says:

    I went over and read NCM’s About page and some of her posts. I am wondering if most of what she wrote is tongue-in-cheek. I can’t imagine that she seriously feels what she’s writing. She actually seems to be paying you back-handed compliments, given that her life appears to be pretty crappy when compared with yours. If she is legit in what she writes, she seems to be very jealous and petty and is someone who seems capable of holding grudges for decades. Hard to imagine and that, to me is why it almost sounds like a put-on.

    So I don’t know. But remember, imitation, they say, is the finest form of flattery and she is definitely imitating your blog. Just let it go and enjoy the extra traffic she’s sending your way.


  5. Karen J says:

    [Read this in your very best Valley Girl beesch voice…]
    “OMG! Like, what is her freaking *problem*??? She’s like *bragging* about all the stupid life-choices and decisions she’s made over like the last 50 years and calling *you* hateful?! Gag me with her silver spoon!” LOL


  6. I read her blog, and all I can say is that she does not paint a very nice picture of herself, with her nose in the air over how she could do what she wanted, since mom wasn’t home, and never having to hear “no” for want of money. What sort of a person devotes this much energy to spite? I think most people will see her for what she is. Those who follow her are like her…and how much do you care about them anyway? Spoiled and self-righteous seems to sum it up. As for how to handle this on your part? Well, you have to care in the first place in order to hate. So the opposite of hate is nothing. Give her exactly that. You know my beliefs, so I’ll offer something from the Bible: “Do not fret…because of the man who brings wicked schemes to pass. Cease from anger and forsake wrath. Do not fret – it only causes harm.” Psalm 37: 7-8. A teacher tried to cure me me of being a follower. “Do you like everyone?” “No.” “Then why want everyone to like you?” Not that I think you necessarily do, but the point is none of us bat 1.000. Once you really own that, letting go of the haters gets easier. She’ll self-destruct. Just sit back and watch it happen.


    • I’m looking forward to watching her self-destruct. Oh wait, that’s nearly as hateful, isn’t it? I’ll have to work on that. (And you’re absolutely right in everything you said. Thank you.)


  7. Her bitterness toward you is overshadowed only by her hatred. I feel very sorry for her


  8. Autocorrect strikes again. What I meant to say was her bitterness toward you is overshadowed only by her envy


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  10. What?! This is crazy.


  11. To answer thenq tho, hate traffic might be better than no traffic lol


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