My, How Far I Have Come!

Give100PercentInstead of dragging my sorry butt to my two extra jobs as a market research interviewer, I now experience those surveys from the other side.  I am one of those many people who answer online PAID surveys.  Not a lot of money, but enough so I can keep myself in books, DVDs and computer games (and puppy toys!) – which is pretty much my life outside of my day job, anyway.

This morning, I received an offer to participate in a survey about “luxury goods.”  I did not qualify for that survey [gasp of surprise!].

Come on, panderers to the rich, famous and wannabesdo you really think that people who are in the habit of buying “luxury goods” are likely to be online doing PAID surveys?  For all of $1.00 or so?  And for which $1.00 the respondent has to wait probably six months to cash in?  I don’t think so.

And while I’m on the subject of paid surveys, let me voice a few other complaints:

  • Is it really necessary to run the same survey over three or four different websites, so that I wind up answering the same questions over and over, only to find out at the end that I already took that survey and therefore don’t qualify for this one?
  • How many surveys about cell phone use can I really answer?  I have a basic, old-style “flip” phone, so I don’t think you’re getting a lot of quality responses from me.  But, of course, if you’re paying, I will still answer, to the very best of my ability.
  • WhatTheHDon’t even bother sending me offers for surveys about “personal” products and activities (i.e., sex).  I won’t answer them, even if I could remember having sex in my younger days.
  • If you don’t want to hear how happy I am with my basic economy car, drop me from your respondent pool.  I’m not going to run out and buy a BMW, Lexus, Jaguar or Porsche just so I can answer your questions better.
  • I’ve already told you over and over again, that I only have free over-the-air TV, and that I never watch even that.  Sending me requests for surveys about my cable TV preferences is simply a waste of both of our time.
  • While I truly love  getting  free products that I can test and then answer questions about, don’t bother sending me make-up samples (haven’t  worn make-up in years), doggie treats (both dogs died – how cruel are you, didn’t you know that?), or “personal products” (see above – although I suppose I could pass those on to any number of my younger relatives, who would probably line up at my front door to receive them).

[NOTE – this post was written and scheduled prior to the adoption of my new puppy.  I’m more than happy to accept doggie treat samples at this time.]

Not to be ungrateful, however, I did enjoy the free food products and shampoo (even though the last shampoo sample nearly killed the little bit of hair I have left).  And walking around with the IPod so I could track my beverage consumption was pretty cool (even though I told you in the screening comments that I only drink water most of the time).



So, now that I’ve wasted the last half hour or so, it’s time to get back online and earn those big bucks.  I’m coming, survey people – keep those respondent pools open!


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Images by:  Matthew Donovan/MDonovan287, and Matthew Donovan/MDonovan287 [nope, that’s not a typo – he’s very talented!], and drew_dsir, respectively

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22 Responses to My, How Far I Have Come!

  1. Teela Hart says:

    So, the survey, at times, is beneficial or a waste of time? 🙂


  2. You mean they won’t give me a Mercedes if I promise to say nice things in my review? Darn! I could just keep it for a month or so, to make sure I could write enough good things about it. And I promise i wouldn’t let all the little pandas make nose prints on the windshield (or let them drive)


  3. Karen J says:

    I did the “paid surveys” thing for a while, too – when they reduced the value of the surveys AND increased the cost-in-points of the goodies, I said “enough of this! I have way more worth-while ways to spend my time and energy than *this*!!” and quit them all!
    Great post, as usual, CoolieCakes! 😉


  4. Karen J says:

    Oh, Fix that please!!! ^^^ fat fingers typo! I meant to type a *k* there!


    • Maybe it doesn’t need fixing – “CoolieCakes” sounds even better than “CookieCakes” (apologies to Jessica).


      • Karen J says:

        Cool! If you like it – that’s great! (It does sound okay, come to think of it – and it’s all part of “the folk process” – find something you mostly like, tweak it to fit *you* better, and make it your own! AllGood! 🙂


  5. Paul says:

    Very funny CM! I enjoy yoiur posts. Glad that Cody is benefiting from your hobby.


  6. Reblogged this on Cordelia's Mom, Still and commented:

    Awaiting my most recent order of books ($100 value, which I got for free by using survey credits), I thought this an appropriate time to re-blog this post from nearly two years ago (*gasp* I’ve been blogging that long?!)


  7. Dan Antion says:

    The worst surveys are the ones I agree to and then, after they get my demographics, tell me they don’t need my opinion.


  8. I try taking the surveys and as soon as I click the box with my age, it goes to the “thank you for your time” screen. I am too old. No one cares what I use or buy.

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