That Ship Is Getting Closer …

ShipMoneyI just finished reading “Oath of Office” by Michael Palmer [ISBN 978-0-312-58754-3, copyright 2012 (for those who care)].  On page 432 of the paperback edition, he writes:

“… Lou padded to the kitchen for some cold cranberry juice and a four-pack of SnackWell’s vanilla cookies.”

*gasp* ….. *I* eat SnackWell’s cookies and drink cranberry juice!  Michael Palmer must have been writing (in code, of course), to ME!

It’s just a matter of time now before Michael Palmer’s publisher reaches out to invite me to join Mr. Palmer and all those other successful authors in compiling massive amounts of money!

I will sell the post-war suburban saltbox I live in, and buy that mansion with the thousand acres and the requisite staff to maintain it and keep it secure!  I will pay off every penny of my kids’ debts so they can have a better life than me!  I will buy SnackWell’s by the CASE instead of by the PACKAGE!

genieOh, and I will finally buy the pony I’ve dreamed of since I was 4 years old.


So nice to dream isn’t it?

It’s amazing how one minor reference to a common American commodity can create a bond with one’s readers.  Of course, I’m not totally naïve – I realize that’s what advertising is all about.

But I still get a little excited every time I read a novel or see a movie and find some reference to something I do, buy, or use in my everyday life.

Maybe the store I go to has a WHOLE SHELF of various SnackWell’s cookies, but somehow I still think that I’m the only one eating them.  Is my need to feel unique any different than what others feel?

We all have a need to feel special.

Some of us are able to satisfy that need through art, writing, music, etc.  Some are special because of their chosen careers.  Some are special only to their loved ones – but that, in my mind anyway, is the most important “special” of all.

However, I don’t think any one of us is truly unique.

In fact, even this post isn’t unique.  I’m sure this topic has been covered hundreds, if not thousands, of times.


click image to enlarge

Heck, I realized how truly un-unique I am during that whole Kindles Singles experience.

But in my mind, my perspective –  and my way of presenting it – IS unique, or at least very special.  If I didn’t think that way, I would have quit writing already.

If nothing else, there is absolutely NO ONE else who is writing a blog entitled “Cordelia’s Mom, Still” and there is NO ONE else who writes the guest series “Cordelia’s Mom Is Still Hanging In There.”

I am the only “Cordelia’s Mom” connected to those two blogs who has received those glowing reader comments and replies to my comments on other people’s posts (where some bloggers have even given me the nickname CM, making me feel extra special, thank you.)

For now, I am content with being special to my steadily growing readership.

For now, the mansion and pony can wait.

For now, I am happy just being me – a newly minted WRITER, steadily plugging along.


As always, I love to hear from my readers.  You may either comment on this post, or email me at:


Images by:  mr-football, and jaci Lopex dos Santos/jaciXIII, and Wendi Pilling/theclipartkid, respectively

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15 Responses to That Ship Is Getting Closer …

  1. But I WANT a pony! I’ve always wanted a pony! :o) I love your point of view and that you are Crdelia’s Mom, still.


  2. jisbell22 says:

    I have no doubt that with creative writing and ability that one day you will get that pony and the mansion to go with it. I really enjoyed your thoughts on uniqueness, thank you


  3. Karen J says:

    Good catch there, CM: “…and the requisite staff to maintain it and keep it secure”!!!
    It’s so easy to see the prize, go for it, get it, and forget about the behind-the-scenes effort that *somebody* has to put in every day to keep it!

    Bright Blessings to you ~
    (kin I come play with your ponies, too??;) )


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  6. Archon's Den says:

    Still catching up on the odd old post. We’re all unique….except we’re not. So, you’re not getting philosophical, you started out that way. 🙂


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