THE PLOT THICKENS (Joint Post by Willow21 and Cordelia’s Mom) (Collaborated Post #4)

The Blizzard of 2022 is over and we could all use a little humor, at least here in Buffalo, New York.  Please enjoy the fourth collaborated post, which was written from Teddy Rosalie’s viewpoint and which introduced Vlad the Great, coming all the way from Great Britain to join the fray (thank you, Willow!) … and all Vlad asked for as payment was a supply of bananas and peanut butter on toast.

(PS – Be sure to return for the truly awesome FOUR-WAY collaborated post, which I will republish next week.)



Help is on the way. Should Cody and Mehitabel be worried? (Click here for the back story.)



Enough is enough.  I thought I could handle the situation here at my house, but that silly Cody dog is making my life miserable.  CookieCakes (a/k/a Cordelia’s Mom) has no idea what goes on when she’s not here.  She thinks by putting me on top of the dresser that I’m safe. 

My purpose here on earth is to watch over CookieCakes.  How can I do that if I’m locked in a bedroom all day?  So I find ways to get out and patrol. But I’m way too old to keep dodging that dog, just because I look like all the stuffed toys that Cody has shredded.

I think it’s time to call in reinforcements.  I’m taking you up your offer to come over here and straighten that dog out – maybe you can scare her straight or something.

And as long as you’re here, perhaps you can make a side-trip to Cody’s cat friend, Mehitabel.  God knows she really needs straightening out – and I’m sure the pandas will thank you.

When can I expect your arrival?  Are there any special supplies you’d like me to have on hand?

Looking forward to working with you, Teddy Rosalie

PS:  I’m thinking maybe you could “dog-sit” [snicker] when CookieCakes and I go on photoshoots.  Then you’d have lots of time to “re-train” that beast.  Would that work for you?


IMG_20150507_161719869Dear Teddy Rosalie, 

I  am ready  to visit  and  assist  immediately!

I  must  apologize –  it  appears  your  last  communication  slip  passed me  .. probably  the  dog  or  her  catty  friend  interfering! I  am sure that  with  my  eons  of  knowledge   and  your  intimate knowledge  of Cody  and  your  dear  human  we  can  sort  things  out.

In anticipation, Vlad  the  Great



Come right away.  CookieCakes is seriously distracted, what with the construction people coming in soon, and she’s been setting me down in some really unusual places.  I can’t run very fast, and I certainly can’t show any movement when CookieCakes is in the room.  It just a matter of time before that silly dog eats me.

I’m stocking up on peanut butter and bananas.  See you soon.

Waiting with bated breath, Teddy Rosalie.


Photo0261My  Dearest  Rosalie Bear,

I  am on  my  way  post  hast. I  am  just  throwing  a  few  things into my  valise:

A  spare  cape  of  invisibility (one  size  fits  all) – if  CookieCakes  is distracted   we may  need  to use  the  capes  as   means  of  escape  and for  getting  about  the  house and  neighbourhood  unmolested!!

Some  extra  nice  cookies  and  dog  biscuits  so  we can get  madam Cody  on our  side!

Also  my  special  anti-garlic  bracelet!  

And  some  pepper  spray  in case  that   pesky, sly  cat Mehitabel  comes  around.

Photo0418Did  you  mention  construction  workers? They can  be  an awful distraction  so  I understand  your  worries. I  am leaving  now –  I  can fly  at  the  speed  of  light even faster  if  I  put  my  mind  to  it! 

I have  enclosed   three pictures  of  myself   so  you  will recognize  me. (Note  to  self:  remember  not  to  wear  cape of  invisibility  on  arrival!)

Rest easy,  Lady Rosalie.  I  am on  my  way. By  the  time  you read this, I  shall be  by  your  side  to serve  and protect!

Yours, Vlad  the  speedy!

PS:  Put  that  toast  on – flying  makes  me hungry. xxxx



Willow21:  How is Vlad behaving?

Cordelia’s Mom:  Vlad is being very helpful, but staying out of sight, as one might expect.  Poor Cody is getting confused.  (PS:  I think I need to go out for some more bananas – Vlad’s a hungry little guy, isn’t he?)

Willow21:  Hungry… Better you feed him banana and peanut butter on toast than he starts on the blood milarkie!!

Cordelia’s Mom:   BTW, the washing machine was making a horrible noise this evening (seriously unbalanced load), and it scared the heck out of Cody.  Cody got tuckered out early because of it and is now sound asleep.  I think Vlad might have had something to do with it, don’t you?

Willow21:  Yes that definitely sounds like Vlad he probably put in a load of invisible capes, they weigh a ton you know. 😉


Willow (WillowDot21)  and I hope you have enjoyed the above collaborated post, and we both love to hear from our readers.   (For more Vlad stories, click here and here)

You may comment on the post, contact me via Twitter, or email me at


Vlad mages by WillowDot; Teddy Rosalie images by Cordelia’s Mom

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11 Responses to THE PLOT THICKENS (Joint Post by Willow21 and Cordelia’s Mom) (Collaborated Post #4)

  1. Dan Antion says:

    You two (or three, or four) work well together.


  2. willowdot21 says:

    That was fun to reread.


  3. willowdot21 says:

    I do hope all continues well I shall send Vlad over so he can apologize 💜💜

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