Summer Fun (by Puppy Cody)

It was the bestest summer day ever!

My city cousins, Rocket and Astro, came to visit so they could play in my big backyard.  Living in the city, they get walks but not a lot of off-leash time, so their mom, Cordelia, thought it would be fun for all of us.

And it was!

I had met Astro a couple of weeks ago:

(These photos of Astro were taken awhile ago; he wouldn’t stay still long enough to photograph outdoors yesterday.)

But this was my first time seeing Rocket:


It was a little awkward at first.  Rocket had been rescued from a puppy mill, where he might have been used for breeding.  It seemed he may have had some residual memories of his earlier youth because several times Cordelia had to reprimand him for, um, inappropriate sniffing.  Since I’ve never been around boy dogs, I had no idea what was going on; I just knew I didn’t like it.

Once past that, however, we all enjoyed our outdoor time.  At one point a squirrel ran down the fence into the yard, and all three of us chased it!  That was so awesome!  That squirrel was nearly as big as my cousins, but that didn’t stop either one of them from chasing it right back up the fence to the other side.

Later, Rocket and I patriolled, while Astro relaxed on Cordelia’s lap:

Finally, we were all a little tired, and it was time for the humans to have dinner, so we went inside.

Dad was a little worried about having three dogs in the house, but Mom assured him we’d all behave.

And we did.  Mostly.

I even allowed my cousins (and Cordelia) to use my couch:

Cordelia was a little surprised when I decided to join her and Astro while Rocket went exploring:

All in all, it was a very good day.  Today I am tired and a little sore in my muscles – after all I am 9 years old and considered a senior dog (even though I still feel and act like a puppy sometimes).

But it was worth it.  Every little muscle twinge reminds me of the great time I had with my cousins, and I hope we can do it again soon.


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Images by Cordelia’s Mom/TeddyRosalieStudio

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16 Responses to Summer Fun (by Puppy Cody)

  1. So happy for you Puppy Cody!

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  2. ladyryl says:

    What a fantastic day for Cody!! Glad he and his cousins had fun…
    Those muscle aches will ease eventually and the memories will live on in the pictures mom took!

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  3. Maya says Hi. She had her first class for a month and was over excited, so didn’t behave. Our trainer took over and she was much better by the time I got her back. Now home, we have given her three walks and they were all good. Playtime after class is the best time for her to let loose all that energy. She was bombing around having fun with the other dogs which is so what we want for her.
    Glad Puppy Cody had fun. No matter what age, they are always puppies at heart.

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    • Our Maya has finally calmed down a bit (she just turned 2 and has a new, very good trainer). It so nice when they’re good, isn’t it? Until recently, we couldn’t trust Cody with other dogs, but at 9 she’s finally becoming friendlier.

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      • Bless. Maya has a way to go before she ‘calms down’……… we have been told between 2 and 5 years. That explains why the two GSDs I had before were so well behaved, they were both five when I came into their lives!

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  4. willowdot21 says:

    Looks like you all had a lovely day bless you all 💜💜💜


  5. markbialczak says:

    Three cheers for the dog day of summer, Cody! Thanks for sharing this wonderful story and photos, CM.


  6. candidkay says:

    I love this! Happy dogs, happy mama–nothing better!


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