Why I’ll Never Be Published

I could have written this post! But Tippy Gnu did a much better job of it. I’ve managed to draft about one-tenth of my first unpublished book (look for it on Amazon soon!).

I’m guessing a good portion of my readers will totally understand Tippy’s post. Of course, then there are those readers who have, in fact, already been published. They can do something else while the rest of us are commiserating with each other.

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Chasing Unicorns

Apparently, writers must have a target audience.
Sometimes in moments of reverie, I sprawl supine upon my bed and daydream about becoming a published author. Wouldn’t it be cool, says my ego, if I, Tippy Gnu, got a book published?

But it will never happen. Problem is, I’ve got no book sense. Nor am I disciplined. And I sure as heck don’t know what to say, to convince any publisher to memorialize my scrivenings into the great American novel.

If I ever did meet with a publisher, manuscript in hand, here’s how I imagine the interview would go:

PUBLISHER: Who’s your target audience?

TIPPY GNU: Anyone I manage to hit.

PUBLISHER: I mean, who is this book intended for?

TIPPY GNU: Whoever wants to read it. Do you want to read it?


TIPPY GNU: Then maybe this book is intended for you.

PUBLISHER: Well, what is your…

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