Changes and Losses

It’s pouring down rain today, and I’m waiting for the bathroom renovations to start. Good day for a re-post, wouldn’t you say?

Cordelia's Mom, Still

WritingHealsWe have a new washer & dryer.  The old dryer had the lint filter at the bottom behind the door, but the  new dryer has the lint filter at the top under the  controls.  We have had the new dryer for more than a month, and I still find myself, after every single load, reaching into the bottom of the dryer to remove the lint.

My husband, for whatever reason (at 3:00 a.m.), decided to move the  refrigerator  from one end of the kitchen to the other.  It’s a small kitchen so distance is not a problem. However, I used to be able to stand at the stove, simply turn halfway around, and then reach into the fridge.  I could continue stirring whatever I was cooking on the stove during the entire process.  Now, of course, there’s nothing across from the stove but bare wall, and I’m still…

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4 Responses to Changes and Losses

  1. willowdot21 says:

    As we get older we do have to cope with more loss. It’s not always death that separates us either is it. It can be miles or it can be because of things that happen and the stupidity of argument that arrises. Personally I think life is too short


  2. willowdot21 says:

    sorry had to post in two halves for some strange reason! Personally I think life is too short for that but not everyone feels the same. Sending you hugs.💜💜

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