In Which Joey Goes to Work

As someone who may be forced into looking for a new job before the end of July, I find this post extremely relevant. I was planning to keep my job-hunting secret, but as many of you know, Not CM let the cat out of the bag (so to speak) earlier this week (did you miss that post, check it out here).

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I’m just jumping in and we’ll see where I land. I understand y’all may not want to read a lengthy post about jobs, yet here I am. I don’t blog for you.

Okay, so when I was young and single, it was not uncommon for me to work two or even three jobs at a time. Work all day at school or office, and when available, cold call for insurance guy in the evening. Then on weekends, deliver pizza.

When I was job-oriented, it was a different time. I went to places with signs reading NOW HIRING APPLY WITHIN, filled out an application for employment (this was on paper, we used our hands to write then) and a manager would speak to me, sometimes to schedule an interview, but mostly, people simply hired me on the spot.
I was not special. This happened to most of my friends in the olden days.
On Sunday, you could…

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