As Close to a Beach Vacation As I’ll Ever Get


In response to Marilyn Armstrong’s Serendipity Photo Prompt #16: Small Town Summer, I present the above photo which was taken by the famous Jamie (the same person who created my wonderful header – read the note at the very bottom of the page, people!).

I forget exactly where the photo was taken – somewhere in the Finger Lakes, I believe.

But it doesn’t matter where it was taken, does it?  It’s an image that just makes the viewer long for a beach, a lake, and a nice cold drink.

Thanks for sharing, Jamie!


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Image by Jamie


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17 Responses to As Close to a Beach Vacation As I’ll Ever Get

  1. Dan Antion says:

    Looks like a nice easy day.


  2. The feet make it special. Feet make everything special 🙂 The last time I was at the Finger Lakes, I was 11. They don’t seem to have much changed.


  3. ginjuh says:

    Had that same Shandy on vacation last month. Mmm…


  4. lbeth1950 says:

    Oh gosh, Wish I were there now!


  5. It speaks volumes. ☺


  6. willowdot21 says:

    Memories are made of this!!


  7. Paul says:

    Ahhh, cool photo.

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  8. markbialczak says:

    Beautiful part of the world we live in, CM. Great shot, Jamie! We gotta love the Finger Lakes. Wine, anyone?

    Liked by 1 person

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