The Awesome Power of Tiny Triumphs (Re-Blog)

As a very special treat for my readers this weekend, I am pleased to re-blog a post written by my daughter, Kelly Gurnett a/k/a Cordelia (did you think I made up “Cordelia’s Mom” out of thin air?). 

Kelly’s post was originally published on her site, Cordelia Calls It Quits.  She normally doesn’t allow re-blogs of her material, but hey – who can refuse her mother, especially when said mother promises a very nice dinner at a good restaurant for the privilege?

So, without further ado, I hereby present:


The Awesome Power of Tiny Triumphs

by:  Kelly Gurnett a/k/a Cordelia


It all started with a dirty medicine cabinet.

One night as I was absentmindedly brushing my teeth, I suddenly realized the shelves inside our medicine cabinet were kind of… disgusting. Abhorrent, really.

I’m far from a model homemaker, and have never pretended to be (ain’t no freelancer who brings in her family’s sole income got time for that). But my bathroom is usually comparatively clean. The bathroom and the kitchen counters are the two things I refuse to let guests (or myself) see in a state of ick. It’s a matter of general decency. Yet somehow I’d overlooked this spot for so long that a layer of unidentifiable dinge had accumulated so badly it was almost fascinating.

I was seized with an overwhelming urge to clean it, immediately. So I did.

I took everything out and scrubbed every last inch of that medicine cabinet sparkly clean, toothbrush still hanging from my mouth like an old-timey comedian’s dangling cigar. Then I put everything back in and spent several minutes proudly admiring how showroom-worthy my medicine cabinet shelves now looked. Compared to how they’d been only moments earlier, they were gorgeous, and I was disproportionately proud of them. When you go months with vacuuming an entire floor of your house (shameface emoji), things like this are worth feeling disproportionately proud over, because they are triumphs.

I had executed a minor triumph. And, to my surprise, it wound up making a bigger difference than I could have expected. ………………

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