WTF WordPress?

InterrobangWhat is it with all these WordPress changes?  This morning I went on to check my stats, and the format has been revised AGAIN.  It took me about 10 minutes to find my own Dashboard, and I only managed it by reading WordPress’ instructions at the top of the page, and then scrolling through numerous options on the left side of the screen.  None of those options said “Dashboard.”

Settings” only took me to the administrative pages that include such stuff as my account information.

Finally, in desperation, I clicked on “Menus.”  That took me to a screen that looked amazingly like the old Dashboard – until I focused my eyes on all those drop-down options in the middle, one of which was — wait for it — “Menus Structure.”

Where the f* is my Dashboard, people?  I just want to check my comments and look at my stats!  Ah, wait, if I go to the very top left and click on the “Dashboard” link, it actually takes me to the Dashboard I know and love.  Ten minutes later!

Don’t the WordPress employees have anything better to do with their time than to reformat their site every other day?  Bloggers like me have a hard enough time just getting onto a computer sometimes – having to deal with reformatted pages is a nightmare, especially first thing in the morning.

Maybe the WordPress people are all sadistic sociopaths.

Maybe I should send Not CM over to work for WordPress.  Bet they’d have a job right up her alley – perhaps she could work with the reformatting-every-other-day people, and maybe add background sounds to the home page:

Hey, blogger – got you guessing!  Ha, ha.

Watcha lookin’ for – keep trying, it’s there SOMEWHERE.  Boo-ha-ha.

Tell us what you need, and we’ll make sure you don’t get it.

Wake up, bozo – a 2-year-old could do this better than you.


Anyone else fed up with WordPress today?


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Image by Stephen Coles

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20 Responses to WTF WordPress?

  1. I have been fed up for quite some time! Their “new and improved” layout is a new and improved method to drive. Me. NUTS!


  2. Doobster418 says:

    There’s an old saying: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I don’t know why the WordPress gurus keep trying to fix things that are working just fine. Just recently they moved the Reader page sidebar from the right side of the page to the left side of the page. Why? And now this change to they way we manage our blogs? Do they have a beta-test group of real-life bloggers that they run these “improvements” through before deploying them? Do they understand that the words “new” and “improved” are not synonyms? I agree. WTF?


  3. soullfire says:

    This *1000. The least they could do is provide a mapping on how to access everything available on the “old” “My Sites” menu rather than just spring a new format and leave it for people to have to find it themselves. >:-(

    I still can’t “find” my dashboard through “conventional” means such as accessing it through a item selection, and I don’t see a “menu” item on my blog like you did so I’m stuck in that regard.

    Fortunately, “Dashboard” was in my saved locations mapping as one of my most visited locations on my browser- so I’ve now bookmarked that.

    It really makes you wonder who is running the show to think these changes would be well received…


    • I’m surprised the old “favorite” link actually worked. Guess they’ll have to fix that because they made it too easy for you.

      PS: Thanks for the reblog!


      • soullfire says:

        Yeah, I hope they don’t offer any new “upgrades” to correct for that! 🙂

        I just blogged a procedural “How to” for getting to one’s Dashboard for anyone else that seems to suffer from a case of lack of “special intuition” that WP clearly thinks we possess.

        Methinks Dogbert or Catbert is running the show in WP’s office space.


  4. soullfire says:

    Reblogged this on Soullfire and commented:
    My nasty surprise by WordPress today- no Dashboard button- I’m still looking for it! >:-( Good thing I had the location saved on my browser.

    You would THINK they would provide the info on how to access the items they removed, like “Dashboard”, but nope…

    Give me a break with these lame changes already- with NO warning!, WP! 😡


  5. cagey says:

    go to my sites, you’ll see your blogs listed in the middle and a cog symbol on the right corner of each you have. just click the cog symbol and go to dashboard. much easier then fussing with menus.


  6. Karen J says:

    Agree completely, CM!
    It seems *everybody* is chasing the almighty Early Adopter demographic, and ta hell with the folks who like things just as they are.


  7. Topaz says:

    I’ve been having the same issues. It’s even worse because I just migrated to, so I’m having a hard enough time moving everything over without all the changes!


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