From Bridesmaid to Maid-of-Honor

freshly-bakedI am very proud to announce that Melissa Zelniker Presser (of Real Christianity) has bestowed upon me the very prestigious Freshly Baked award.

The Freshly Baked award is granted with love by non-Freshly Pressed bloggers to other deserving non-Freshly Pressed bloggers.  We know who the real bloggers are, and we are happy to spread the word to the entire blogosphere of such excellence.

I don’t believe there is any prohibition against being Freshly Pressed while displaying the Freshly Baked badge – it would be a real shame if I were Freshly Pressed (say tomorrow) and then had to delete my Freshly Baked badge (it looks so pretty in the Awards slideshow; check it out).  It will be so exciting to see both badges on my blog (but I’ll have to make a decision as to which one should be more prominent, and right now I’m leaning towards Freshly Baked).

Although there are no conditions for accepting the Freshy Baked award, I would like to nominate a  few other bloggers.  I read and love numerous blogs, many of whose writers have, in fact, been Freshly Pressed, but there are a few non-Freshly Pressed bloggers I would like to acknowledge today:

♥  My good friend, Oliver C. Damon – Chronicle of a Wayward Son, because he lets me hijack his blog whenever I need to confess the errors of my blogging ways.

♥  Ollie’s Mommy – The Life of a Non-Wife, because nothing says love like being someone’s mommy, and doing it right.

♥  Teela Hart – – a strong woman dealing with her own life situation, but nonetheless doing whatever she can to help others. Teela is currently on sabbatical and may not read this post for  awhile, but I want to send lots of love her way.  We’re all with you, Teela.

♥  Paul Curran – my esteemed guest poster who does not yet have a blog of his own.  Paul, you are already collecting award badges toward the day you open up your own blog – meanwhile, you may share mine.

To display the award badge on your own blog, simply click on the image at the head of this post and copy it over, but please link back to Melissa’s post (

PS:  Just to be sure, I checked the Freshly Pressed tab prior to publishing this post – still not on there, and still boring.


I love to hear from my readers.  You may comment on this post, comment on my Facebook or Twitter pages, or email me at


Image by Melissa Zelniker Presser

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6 Responses to From Bridesmaid to Maid-of-Honor

  1. mzpresser says:

    Thanks friend, this is fantastic 🙂 Much love to you today!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Paul says:

    Awww, CM, Thank You so, so much! I would be honored if you would share your Freshly Baked Award with me. So cool – my first award.


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