More Lessons From the Land of Kickstarter

Ever wonder how kickstarting works? I did. This lady’s artwork is awesome – check out her blog for both the panda and non-panda images. I especially like her paintings of “stuff” – one of which (“Nothing Overlooked”) she allowed me to use for my blog earlier this month.

Nothing Overlooked

Well, if you haven’t heard already, I am just over 48 hours into my thirdKickstarter project. I’m ready to publish my Pandum-Opus, Pandamorphosisat long last.  This is a project I’ve been working on, off and on, for over four years, several of those years quite intensely.  At last I think it’s ready, and apparently other people do too.

I decided to take a gamble this time, after listening to webinars, reading articles, and masterminding several other projects for some of the other Whidbey Island creatives, and only run my campaign for 16 days. (Cutting out the deadly second/third week lull.)

Pandas are yearning to spring forth!Pandas are yearning to spring forth!

Here’s some of what I learned from all these experiences, especially regarding the “crowd” from whom you are trying to get funding:

1. Be prepared. And by that I mean, don’t just start trying to make new friends in the week before your…

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