May Day!

Who would have thought the lockdown would last so long, and it may be awhile longer yet.  Current deadline for New York’s PAUSE order is May 15, but while New York City’s virus numbers are falling, here in Erie County they’re still climbing.  Somewhat dramatically.  Erie County’s number of positive cases is already higher than that in some states.

I got all excited when I found disposable face masks and gloves “in stock” on Amazon, so I ordered some.  It was only later than I learned they were coming from China.  That was a couple of weeks ago, and according to the tracking information, they’re still in China.  Probably the pandemic will be over before they ever get to me.

Of course, I can always make my own masks.  It’s not that hard.  But I’m also not all that energetic, and I don’t have a sewing machine.  So I went back on Amazon and found some cloth masks that ship from right here in the good old USA.  They were, in fact, shipped within 24 hours, and hopefully are on their way to me right now.

Meanwhile, I try to stay in as much as possible.  There’s plenty to do in my own house and in my own yard, and certainly it’s safer here.

I wonder about certain neighbors who insist on having mini-block parties whenever the temperature rises over 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  No masks, kids (and adults) running from house to house.  Didn’t they get the memo?  But at least they’re far enough away that their activities don’t really impact me.  The closest I get is if I have to drive by on the way to a medical appointment.

Not much happening this week.  It’s been rainy most days, and the back yard is a swamp.  There was one nice day during which hubby and I managed to clean up the weedy front yard.  It’s still too cold to put new flowers in, and I’m thinking I may not bother at all this year, other than to maybe get a couple of free-standing planters.  We’ll see.

Meanwhile, I can enjoy the buds coming out elsewhere:

Yes, we’ve managed to get Puppy Cody out occasionally, although now that we know dogs can also get COVID-19, we always wipe her paws with disinfecting wipes before she gets back in the car.  I could maybe handle it if one of us got sick, but not the dog – never the dog!

Enough for today.

May everyone stay safe and healthy.  The end may be in sight.


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Images by Cordelia’s Mom/TeddyRosalieStudio


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29 Responses to FURLOUGHED: Week Seven

  1. Tippy Gnu says:

    I love those pink tree blossoms. My wife has been making cloth masks for everyone she knows, it seems like, and even for some nurses at a nearby hospital. The biggest problem is that it’s hard to find bias tape in stores, so she’s having to make her own. She makes masks that tie behind the head, rather than use elastic over the ears, because they’re a lot more comfortable. But that requires bias tape.


  2. simplywendi says:

    glad you are able to get your puppy out! we have a dog and are adopting a puppy tomorrow! I guess we need even more excitement in our life!


  3. Carol says:

    Fortunately I have masks left from when I bought them when my husband was having chemo. I think we’re in for a long haul with this one – or at least we should be. Then there are those you mentioned – the deniers. Oh well, I just stay as far away from them as I can.
    I heard cats can get it, but not dogs. Need to do more research on that, obviously, but my old dog doesn’t even go out in the yard that much lately. I’ve been doing a lot of yard cleanup – wondering where my energy is coming from.


    • The news came out last week that dogs can get the virus from their owners. It’s also been advised not to let dogs socialize with each other and to stay away from dog parks. We didn’t do that anyway, but we figure Cody might be walking the same sidewalks as other dogs (and she then licks her paws), so now we disinfect her feet. By the time we get home, the disinfectant is gone so if she licks her feet it won’t make her sick.

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  4. AmyRose🌹 says:

    It is very very difficult for illnesses that effect humans to effect animals. I do not believe that animals can get this virus, CM. Not in MY world. However if you do believe this, I honor that. I’m learning there are many truths and how I recognize my truth is how I “feel” about what I hear or read. Simple. I also do not believe many of the “experts”.
    As for masks, hubby watched a YouTube video on how to make paper masks. If you need help to make your own just in case your order doesn’t come from Amazon, let me know. Have a great day today! Crossing fingers this rain will stop so that I can get into my soggy very wet gardens. I LOVE being outdoors. It is SO fresh and clean!! xo


    • AmyRose🌹 says:

      Forgot to add that the news about dogs is not new. I heard that many weeks ago. Since then it has been a lion at a zoo getting this virus from a zoo-keeper, then it went from there to cats, and the latest I heard is birds. No. Thinking about all this information, this makes no sense. You do what you “feel” is best, my friend. This time is all about listening to ourselves in order to discern what is truth for us. SMILE!!


      • Let’s agree to disagree on this one, Amy. No one really knows what’s true or not these days. All I know for sure is that we all want it to end at some point, and it will. A little sunshine would help, but that’s out of our individual hands.

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        • AmyRose🌹 says:

          Agreed, CM. Bless you for being open to my truth. No one really knows, you’re exactly correct. When I do go outside into the parks I make sure I maintain the social distancing, just to be on the safe side. Hubby, bless him, does the shopping. We both are being vigilant just in case.
          And yes! Sunshine, darn it! Tomorrow I hear is supposed to be beautiful. Nix today going into gardens. OH it’s chilly and so so wet!! Have a good day!

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    • Oh, Amy, I know how to make masks, I just choose not to do it myself. Heck, last week I made one out of a paper towel and rubber bands. If worse comes to worse, I have a couple of sheets I can cut up and sew.

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  5. Love to see trees in blossom. Those here are shedding their petals, but the lilac trees are just starting to come into their own. Keep safe


  6. Dan Antion says:

    The flowers/blossoms are pretty. You have to look for the good things, CM.


  7. Trent Lewin says:

    More spring photos please. As for kids running around, I’m glad for it. around here, they stay away from other families but at least they’re outside.


    • I’m not opposed to kids being outside playing, Trent. What I’m opposed to is the party atmosphere among numerous families, some members of which are still out among the public and possibly bringing the virus back. I realize these are tough times for parents, but have a little common sense.

      As for the spring photos, I’ll be glad to post more as soon as Mother Nature cooperates a little.

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  8. Beautiful cherry blossoms, CM! Stay safe and stay in, sane. LOL! (*^▽^)/


  9. markbialczak says:

    Your spring blossoms are always welcome here a bit to the east, CM. We’re trying to get better, we really are.


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