I want to be a Meteorologist

I’ve always said that meteorologists have the best job – big bucks, and they never have to be right about anything. Enjoy this re-post!

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Stuff my dog taught me

imagesThe weather app shows a bright yellow sun wearing a puffy gray cloud like a little hat. The cloud is decorated with two super-blue (and oddly cheerful looking) raindrops. For those of us who are struggling to relate this image to anything we have ever seen in the sky, a written summary clarifies that it is “sunny with chance of shower” and identifies the temperature range as “between 14 C and 22 C, although it will feel like 27 C”.  Hmmmm…

Based on this information, I can conclude that:

  • It will be sunny… unless it rains, and
  • It will be hot… unless it is cold

These uber-helpful facts allow me to deduce that:

  • I should wear a t-shirt, shorts and sandals… or a sweater, pants and water-proof boots
  • I should apply sunscreen and carry an umbrella
  • I should eat lunch at a restaurant that has a patio but expect the patio…

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2 Responses to I want to be a Meteorologist

  1. It really IS the only highly paid profession where you can be wrong most of the time and no one ever holds you accountable.

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  2. Teela Hart says:

    This made me laugh….. 😀

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