Just call me Lazarus , I’ve been Dead Twice , yet here I am

What an incredible story.

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more than just a country boi

So unrelated to my experience but an interesting little side note and factoid….When I was born way way back in ancient times (1967) the medical technology was no where near to what it is today, with that in mind I was born in the Moosomin hospital, now Moosomin is a small farm town on the Eastern side of Saskatchewan , anyway my Mother had a terrible time while I was being born, when I first popped out  I was 9 pounds 7 ounces and Blue…. the chord was wrapped around my neck and I wasn’t breathing, I guess the doctor did what he could to save my newborn ass but alas I was gone, My Father was Devastated , as was my Mother , all that work and I was still born, now I have no idea the length of time that passed, but the nurse took me from my…

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