“So Where Can I Find Paul’s Posts Anyway?”


A number of recent readers have indicated that they have to diligently search for Paul Curran’s posts.  I can only assume these are non-follower readers, because followers are notified immediately when one of his incredible stories hits the wires through my blog.

In any event, since Paul’s guest posts have become even more popular than mine (I know that’s hard to believe), I decided to make it easy for everyone to find them.  If you look on the right-hand side of this page, under Categories, you will find a pull-down menu which now includes a category entitled Paul Curran.  If you click on that category in the pull-down menu, all of his stories on this blog will pop up into your reader.

You’re on your own for finding his posts on other blogs.


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Top Image by:  Luc Legay

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23 Responses to “So Where Can I Find Paul’s Posts Anyway?”

  1. Doobster418 says:

    A great public service announcement, CM. Paul’s posts are well worth the read. If anyone is interested, Paul has also guest posted on my blog. He’s the only one who has guest posted there and his two posts are in a category that I ingeniously named “Guest Posts.” So if you read his guest posts here on CM’s blog and want to read more guest posts by Paul Curran, head on over to my blog.

    (CM, if you find this comment to be an over-the-top piece of blog-whoring self-promotion, please feel free to delete it.)


    • I would have been surprised if you didn’t add this comment, Doobster. You might have noticed that I declined to name the other blogs I knew Paul was guest-posting in, ’cause I want everyone to come over here!

      I think Paul has become one of the most popular bloggers around, and he doesn’t even have a blog. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that. 🙂

      I suppose I could be generous and re-blog anything he posts on your blog. I’ll think about it – he could probably keep all our blogs going, and heaven knows I could use the additional readership.


      • Doobster418 says:

        “I would have been surprised if you didn’t add this comment, Doobster.” So does that mean you already knew how self-serving I am and that I am the very definition of a blog-whore?

        Paul is certainly one of the most prolific commenters around and he is also a fantastic story teller. I’m pleased that both of us are giving him an opportunity to exercise his story-telling skills on our blogs, since he, as yet, doesn’t have one of his own.


        • We are all self-serving blog-whores.

          I am also pleased Paul is writing so much, and on several different blogs, but sometimes I just wish I had a monopoly on his stories. Mostly because I’m a self-serving blog-whore who needs the readership more than some of the other self-serving blog whores.

          But writing on different blogs gives Paul an opportunity to tell different kinds of stories. For some reason, he was reluctant to send me that story about those wild girls on the road. I can understand that – sometimes I guest post on other people’s blogs for the same reason (different types of stories, not wild girls).

          PS to Paul – sorry to be writing about you as if I didn’t know you could, and would, read this. Enjoy the fact that you are so wonderful that we all want you to guest post for us.

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          • Paul says:

            No need to apologise CM – my head is swelling up from the attention, I don’t know if I can get out the door anymore. ha! I thank you guys immensely for allowing me to guest blog. It is so very kind of you to share your space with a newbie like me. As you say, it gives me an opportunity to tell different types of stories. Your welcoming attitude is greatly appreciated. When I get my own blog, I’d love to have a series of guest posts (if anyone wants to) highlighting all those who put up with me a s Paul-No-Blog. ha!


    • Thanks Doobster418. I’ll be reading Paul’s Guest post in your blog as well as you posts.


  2. Trent Lewin says:

    He is a good writer. And a great storyteller.


  3. julie says:

    I couldn’t agree more! If I had a blog you would all be invited to guest post! Paul-No-Blog is really a very talented writer/storyteller/commenter. He is obviously very smart, witty and personable, and I am honored to share my Indian name with him.


  4. ~ Sadie ~ says:

    Thanks CM for hosting Paul! I always look forward to his visits and comments, and his posts are just as thoughtful and thought-provoking!! And I have been introduced to you, as well 🙂


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