Where In the World Is CookieCakes?

YouAreHereAt a real estate closing recently, I noticed a diagram on the wall with an X and a notation “You Are Here.”

I was quite impressed.  How did *they* know where I was?  *I* didn’t even know where I was.  My clients didn’t know where they were.  Heck, half the people who worked in that office didn’t know where they were.

Since I don’t have a GPS, I need to find the phone number for the company that made that particular diagram.  Then, when I get lost, I can simply call them:

  • COMPANY REP:  Hello, how may I help you?
  • ME:  I’m lost.  Where am I?
  • COMPANY REP:  I’m sorry?
  • ME:  You always seem to know where everyone is – the Xs on the signs say so –  so where I am?
  • (unprintable response from Company Rep)
  • ME:  Oh, I wasn’t really planning to go there, but if you say so … shouldn’t I take some extra water, though?  I hear it’s really, really hot there.

Maybe the “You Are Here” people can get together with the “Wish You Were There?” vacation brochure people.  Surely, technology exists that could immediately transport you from “Here” to “There.”  Star Trek says so.

Imagine this conversation:

  • ME:  I won’t be coming in to work today.
  • BOSS:  And why not?
  • ME:  I transported myself to my “wish I were there” place.
  • BOSS:  oooh-kaay.  When are you coming back?
  • ME:  Depends on when I *wish* I were at back at work.


NikkiTheLabLet’s do a little survey:  If you could wish yourself to be anywhere in the world (or even out of the world), where would that be and why?  Just leave a comment below, and we’ll find out how many of us would be joining you there.

Little hint:  If I were taking the survey, my response would not be:  “sitting at my computer writing this blog”!


I love to hear from my readers.  You may comment on this post, comment on my Facebook page, or email me at cordeliasmom2012@yahoo.com


Images by:  Mario Klingemann/Quasimodo, and Canoozle Pets, respectively

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19 Responses to Where In the World Is CookieCakes?

  1. Paul says:

    I’d like to be in the islands off Greece. As a tourist – their economy does not entice enough to be a resident.


  2. Somewhere warm and tropical, on the beach, toes in the sand. I would have an umbrella drink in my hand, brought to me by well oiled cabana boys, with my ocean-front cottage just steps away. Yes, I believe that is where I wish I were right now…or tomorrow…or next year. 🙂


  3. Doobster418 says:

    Sitting at my computer writing this comment. Especially is my computer was somewhere in the south of France.


  4. I wish I were sitting in a playpen full of little pandas, OR in a cafe with an assortment of cuppycakes in an array before me, maybe with a few friends, but probably not pandas and cuppycakes at the same time, for several obvious reasons.


  5. I’d like to be in Germany touring castles and hiking in the forest. While we’re wishing, I’d like there to be about $5,000,000 in my back pocket when I get there.


  6. Hm …anywhere where I am with my family and am not responsible for housework or my day job!!


  7. Karen J says:

    Tuscany! In a hill village, with “easy”* access to Sienna!
    I spent 2 weeks there a few years back, and Wanna Go Back!

    *definition of easy is subject to definition, on site 🙂


    • Karen – I only just found your comment (need to check those older posts more often!). I don’t know a lot about Tuscany, other than it being the theme in that old Seinfeld episode, but if you want to go back, I say go for it! (And then write a guest post for my blog about your trip – please?).


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