’s a Secret

Flying MonkeysJust a quick little note with a hint for those who read yesterday’s post (Road Trips Part I) and are eagerly waiting with bated breath:

Next week’s post (Road Trips Part II, scheduled for Thursday September 19) will feature FLYING MONKEYS.

Stay tuned!

And while you’re waiting, if you haven’t already done so, please peruse my About and Legal-Schmegal pages.

I love my readers, and I love to receive email:


Image by: Paul Farla

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2 Responses to’s a Secret

  1. Now that’s a teaser! (And I love “legal schmegal.) 🙂


    • Thanks. I haven’t seen anyone else doing “teasers” so I thought it might catch some attention. And I figured most disclaimers are too dry, so I wanted to spice things up just a bit. Glad you enjoyed both.


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