GlobeI was planning a new post for approximately every two weeks, and actually have several posts queued in for future publishing.

But I was so overwhelmed by the response to my inaugural post, that I just had to write this short thank you to all of my readers, both old and new.

Naturally,  I hoped most of my readers would follow me from Cordelia Calls It QuitsOf course, I expected readers from the United States.  And, since I live just a few miles from the Canadian border, I suppose I should have expected a few Canadian readers, as well.

But  –  readers in countries on other continents and across oceans?   Oh, my.

What’s next – readers from other planets?  (Actually, judging from some of the comments I received and rejected, I may actually have some readers from other planets – but let’s not go there ….)

I know I’m somewhat technologically naïve, but I simply didn’t grasp the geographical reach of the internet.  Heck, the only country outside the U.S. I’ve ever visited is Canada, and again, I’m only about a 20-minute drive from that international border.  (So close, in fact, we sometimes  forget that it’s a different country!)


I would like to thank my director, my producer, and the Academy …

(OH, WAIT – that’s a different speech!  Silly me.)

Let me start over:

To ALL of my readers (including family members, who have to read me)thank you for making me feel so special, thank you for making me feel talented, thank you for showing me the light.

LovePandasAnd a special thank you to Cordelia for believing in me, for giving me a platform to start on, and for helping me all the way.

… I just hope I can keep up the momentum ….

Please, God, give me new ideas every week (or at least every other week), and please don’t let my computer break ….


I love to hear from my readers – contact me at cordeliasmom2012@yahoo.com


Images by: LiveToCreate_Photography, and Narisa, respectively

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  1. Bob T Panda says:

    Huzzah! You are already a rock star. And just so you know, your post showed up in my inbox, loud and clear. Keep up the good work, and keep being the bear!


  2. The “commenters from other planets” made me laugh out loud. And I LOVE the quirky images! Already very amusing and unique…I think I’ll keep writing (not because I “have” to). 😛


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