Well, That’s Maybe Not Good

It’s shocking, I know.

In all of my 68 years on this earth, I have never registered to vote.

Why not, you ask?

Because there has never been a candidate I cared enough about to vote for nor a candidate I hated enough to vote against.  Besides, it has always seemed that no  matter who was in office, my financial situation never changed.  Ah, the joy of being part of the forgotten Middle Class here in America.

So, what’s different now, you ask?

Now, there is a politician who makes me so fearful for the future that I plan to vote against him, no matter who else  might be running.  At this point, I would vote for Alfred E. Neuman if he decided to run again.  In the upcoming Presidential election, old Alfred might have a good chance of beating the incumbent.  Heck, I think even I would be a better choice.  Maybe I should throw my hat in the ring again.  Sadly, I failed to gain any office in 2014 and 2016; maybe three’s the charm.


It’s now possible to register online as a voter, at least here in New  York State, and since mail-in ballots will be available for the upcoming Presidential election, I really had no excuse not to join the voting fray.  Being totally non-political and fairly apathetic about government in general, I opted to register as an independent voter.  I’m sure both major parties, and at least some of the minor parties, will be fighting over my vote.

The form was completed, and I clicked “submit” …. immediately (in fact, nearly simultaneously), the skies opened up with a torrential downpour! I’m not sure if that was meant as a warning from one side or the other, but it sure was freaky.  At least there wasn’t thunder and lightning.

Or maybe it was just the powers that be indicating that they’re angry, too.  Not my place to say.

A lot can happen between now and November.  I just hope nothing precludes my ability to cast my very first vote in a Presidential election.  That would be disappointing.

And annoying.

Potholes are also annoying.  But they seem to have become a way of life, like, well, clueless, corrupt politicians – or maybe because of clueless, corrupt politicians.  How ’bout we all get together and change that?

You may leave supportive comments and hate mail below.  I may or may not respond.

(BTW, for the head photo, I considered taking a picture of me sticking a paperclip or fork into an electric outlet and then titling it, “Prepare to be Shocked” – but that really would not have been a good thing, as clumsy as I am.)


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43 Responses to Well, That’s Maybe Not Good

  1. trentpmcd says:

    There has never been as good of a reason to vote as this year….

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  2. There was no-one of any clout, interest or trust in our last election so i voted by marking my paper
    I wasn’t the only one.

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  3. Carol says:

    I seem to vote against someone more often than for someone – sad. I wonder, when the child in the White House is gone, how long it will take this country to recover, especially because whenever he goes, I doubt it will be peacefully.

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  4. Marc Beebe says:

    Curiously I have always voted, even though it seemed to have no effect on the outcome.
    I have just mailed off what may be my last ballot, however, for the primary in the party I’m a member of. Why last? Because this time around it was a case of “none of these people are acceptable”. The last time it was as bad. The candidate we wanted was “ineligible”. What’s more, the other two parties (we have three major parties here) are just as bad. The choices boil down to “which lying scumbag do you want to steal all your money?” I say that not lightly as our current Prime Minister is embroiled in his fourth ethics scandal.
    Even so I’m inclined to agree with your motives: that thing you’ve got for leader down there could be replaced by damn near anyone and it would be better, if only for not having to listen to/read his mindless gibberish.

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  5. Karen J says:

    Hooray! CM!
    I’m so glad you’re going to vote this year. It really does make a difference – If nothing else, you can say “I voted for you, and this is my opinion”!

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  6. Jane says:

    AS much as I believe in the American power of Vote, it is a fairy tail. The way they count is ridiculous and it skews the winner. But I vote. And I will vote AGAINST Rump!

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  7. Archon's Den says:

    It’s a bit different in Canada. You must be ‘registered’ on the voters’ list, to be given a ballot. When I first moved here, my landlady got me on the election-census a day before my qualifying birthday. Sometimes it can seem like spitting into the wind, but I have never failed to vote – municipal, Provincial or Federal – in the 55 years since then. Good luck, and as mentioned above, we’ll need it too. 😳

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    • Yes, I registered on the voters’ list. It used to be that you had to go somewhere to register, but now they let us do it through the Department of Motor Vehicles website, using a driver’s license, Social Security Number, and birth date. The info gets forwarded to the Board of Elections, and I’ll get some kind of package in the mail. (I’m sure MY package will be special delivery, ’cause they’ll be so excited to finally get me on that list!.)

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  8. Trent Lewin says:

    Holy… I didn’t expect that. But good for you! I, as Unamerican as I might be, am proud of you for taking a stand and hearing your voice counted this time around. Seems like a good time for your first vote. I dearly hope everything goes right in November (by which I mean that evil idiot the incumbent loses).

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    • The 2016 election was so very close; hopefully, we won’t all make that mistake again.

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      • Trent Lewin says:

        In seriousness… it feels like a grave mistake was made, and I can’t fathom why. People talk about the reasons, but such errors are not welcome. They’re not funny. The concern is that people double-down on the error, because there are elements of the mistake itself that resonate with them – an ability to justify the darkness, to explain it away as some newfangled form of light. It’s amazing what we can accept, and even support. But enough is enough. This isn’t funny anymore. It probably never was. A correction is definitely needed, and people like your President should be sent packing post haste.

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  9. Good for you, CM! Never underestimate the power of one vote!(*’∀’人)♥


  10. Vicky V says:

    Wow! Congrats on your first vote!

    Voting is compulsory in Australia but not everyone takes it seriously. Justin Trudeau has been handwritten on a few ballot papers and now Jacinda Ardern is giving him a run for his money! Plus we have a great tradition of the Democracy Sausage – a fundraising sausage sizzle at polling booths. There is even a website that tells you which booths have sausages and the type of sausages on offer 🙂

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  11. willowdot21 says:

    We’ll get you girl, I think Vlad would make a better job than your present incumbent….. God knows what the future holds….is there anyone worth voting for….your system is so different to ours…. Good luck anyway 💜💜💜

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  12. markbialczak says:

    Welcome to the voting roll, CM. It always makes me feel as if I’m honoring my right.

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  13. Yay!!! As I always say, better late the never!! Way to exercise that Constitutional right that women fought so hard for 100 years ago!

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  14. lbeth1950 says:

    So glad you registered. I hope enough people see what is going on with this evil man that they will register and vote. God help us if he wins. I expect him to call civil unrest if he loses, but we could lose our democratic way of life if he wins.

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  15. lbeth1950 says:

    Reblogged this on Nutsrok and commented:
    I am encouraged by this post. Please register and vote.


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