Speak No Evil / Hear No Evil / See No Evil (Re-Blog)

As I try to figure out what I’m doing with my life (and my new posts remain sporadic), enjoy this re-blog from my earlier days.

(Does anyone else miss Doobster as much as I do?)

Cordelia's Mom, Still

DumbDeafBlindSo few of us are able to keep our mouths, ears and eyes shut at times.

Blurting out exclamations and/or proclamations during stressful encounters can be especially embarrassing, traumatizing and/or downright dangerous.



“If Grandma ever does that again, I’ll kill her.”

My mother-in-law watched my kids while I worked, and often helped me out with household chores.  Sometimes things didn’t get put back quite the way I wanted them.  My husband was working armed security and had a pistol permit.  The day after I blurted out this threat, my young daughter dragged Grandma up to the master bedroom, pointed to where the gun was stored (how she knew is beyond me), and told Grandma I was going to shoot her.  Use your imagination as to how this went over with Grandma, and how long it took for the whole thing…

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12 Responses to Speak No Evil / Hear No Evil / See No Evil (Re-Blog)

  1. Hey, I miss Doobster, too! Whatever that guy is up to, I hope he’s having a good time..

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  2. I miss Doobster a great deal … and I’m really pissed at the way he flipped us all off and disappeared. The internet is a lot less fun place with him gone.

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    • I want to think there was a reason he left the way he did. Maybe he just didn’t want to share whatever was going on in his life at that time. Or maybe blogging just became too overwhelming. We’ll probably never know.


  3. Paul says:

    Ahhh,I miss Doobster. Great post still CM.

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  4. Archon's Den says:

    When we used to visit my Mom and Dad, evenings didn’t involve sitting around a TV, ignoring each other. We would surround the kitchen table and play Euchre for hours, telling tales, jokes and lies. Apparently this was also the ritual when my brother and his family stopped in.
    One day, Grandma was babysitting two little girls, 2 and 4, so that their mother could shop/get her hair done/have some alone time. Gone a bit longer than expected, she finally pulled into the driveway.
    My Mom said, “Here’s your mom now.” and the innocent little 4-year-old said, “Just don’t ask her to play Euchre. It drives her right up the F**king wall.” 😯


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