I’m Still Here, People!

Wondering why some of your favorite blogs are no longer appearing in your Reader? Maybe WordPress decided they are unworthy. We may all hate Not CM, but we still want to read her, don’t we?

Not Cordelia's Mom


Did you know that if you’re an infrequent poster, WordPress removes your blog from the Reader?

Trust me, they do.  I don’t know what they consider “infrequent” – has it really been that long since I last posted?  And weren’t you all eagerly awaiting my next post?

This discovery was made today while looking through CookieCakes‘ list of blogs that she follows.  I  began noticing that when I clicked on the links for several blogs, I received a message:


No recent posts…

This site has not posted anything recently.

Followed by a suggestion to check the “Discover” category.


So, knowing I have been very busy and haven’t posted in awhile, I checked my own site.  And got that same message!

Now WordPress is telling us who we can and can’t read?  What makes them think the Discover posts are any better than those…

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12 Responses to I’m Still Here, People!

  1. joey says:

    Huh. I never knew that! Boy, that’s a bummer! I know sometimes I haven’t seen anything and I’ll go lookin, but I didn’t know WP eliminated them :O Wow!


  2. I know, right? I am so annoyed about this. WP will also bump you out of the reader if you post too frequently or use to many tags! I’m having a real problem with followers at the moment, people keep complaining that they’ve unfollowed me when they haven’t. I’ve noticed that my follower count never really changes, so what’s with that? I really don’t like the idea that WP is shadow banning people, but I often think that’s exactly what’s going on.

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  3. I hate the reader and never use it, so … I get all your posts via email. I’ve given up trying to make sense of the stats because there are sometimes hundreds of “hits” difference between one stat and another … on a particular post or for the day itself. Some of their stats lag many hours behind, too. I post because I love it. I try not to sweat the rest.


    • Likewise. My stats plummetted in November due to a change in ‘counting’ by WP gurus, and have not recovered to anything close to what they were before (drop from over 3000 a month to 1000 if I’m lucky). None of it makes sense to me, and as you say, there is a time lag sometimes. However, my likes and comments are more important anyway, so I’m happy enough, and those figures are pretty constant. My follower numbers yoyo’d too, but they are going up again.

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    • I don’t think they can mess with the email. At least, I hope not!

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  4. What cheek! It’ll be interesting then to see what hapens when we untie our ropes to go up river for a few days as we’ll have no internet. Oh well, we do put a post out to say we’ll be off line for a while, but then maybe WP don’t actually read things like that. 😦


  5. Karen J says:

    What a totally un-requested and un-required “We’re Smarter Than You” policy!
    Makes it far more difficult to ‘get back on the horse’ after you lose your nerve, your muse or your internet connection…
    I’ve had many people “follow” CnA over the years, but they don’t come back around for some reason – now I (maybe) know why!


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