It’s funny how two bloggers sitting in the same rooms can have different views on what happened. Fortunately, Archon and Shimoniac didn’t have too bad of a time when they came to visit from the wilds of Canada …

Archon's Den

American money

To help finance our recent trip to visit Cordelia’s Mom, in Buffalo, I did a little unintentional crowd-sourcing. Son Shimoniac and I are almost impossible to buy presents for. I don’t even wear ties, so gaily-wrapped tee-shirts, socks or underwear often show up.

Grandson WillowThorn had been desperately searching for suitable presents for both Shimoniac and I. Our birthdays both occurred just before this trip. He had finally found something suitable for me, which he will now delightedly hold until Christmas. When he heard about our trip, he went to a bank and presented each of us with $50 US cash. That’s the joy of a gift of money. It’s always the right size. Let’s have a nice round of applause for one of the nicest grandsons/nephews in the world.

The son worked a midnight shift till 7 AM, Saturday morning, came home, showered, changed, had breakfast/midnight snack, and…

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4 Responses to SWEEEET!

  1. Paul says:

    so cool!


  2. This was a good read. I too think at times whether I would be able to meet you all lovely bloggers in this life? Would be total fun to see you all in person.


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