The Boob Tube

This post made me laugh out loud. I’m surprised that little interview snippet didn’t go viral!  (Comments are closed here – please comment on Victo Dolore’s site)

Behind the White Coat


So, a few years back I did an interview on depression for a local television news station.

Now, “Big whoop,” you might be thinking. In fact you might even shrug and act like you weren’t even just a tiny bit jealous.

But, I would know the truth…

I grew up watching the news on this particular station. It was a big news outlet and honestly, ever since Willy Wonka sent chocolate by television I just knew it was for me.

I was star struck!

I was finally going to play a doctor on TV. Maybe this would be my big break! Maybe now my patients would listen to me like they listened to the evil Dr. Oz?

In the days leading up to my debut, I waited anxiously for the talking points I had been promised. They never came. The night before I found myself cramming the diagnostic criteria (SIGECAPS…

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